Friday, July 12, 2013

Why the Heat won't 3-peat

The Miami Heat have had it relatively easy since gathering the big three, but have still managed to nearly lose in every series but the OKC series. They lost to Dallas, but I suppose we can chalk that up as overconfidence and underestimating a very solid Mavericks squad led by a future hall of famer in Dirk Nowitzki. They brought it to a young Thunder team, but when they nearly lost to the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals and again to the Spurs in the NBA finals, their dominance was questioned as it should be. With an aging D-Wade and no true center, it's no wonder they had trouble with teams that were strong in the paint. Unless they somehow manage to pick up a center in free agency, I don't see the Heat winning another championship. The West has improved dramatically, with teams like the Warriors making great decisions and picking up Andre Iguodala, it only adds to what was already a great team. Plus the Rockets managed to sign Dwight Howard. The Rockets will immediately be considered a title contender with an all star acquisition like that. In addition to what's already been improved, you still have those teams that have always been an annual threat to win it all like the Spurs, and I guess you have to throw the Lakers in that category, simply due to the fact that they have Kobe. Then you have the Clippers that have a new Head Coach in Doc Rivers, who always gets the most out of his teams. The West is looking great, and if I were LeBron James, I'd be looking into joining them after the Heat don't win the title next year. I'd go into the depth of the East, but I'm going to save that for another time. Who do you think will win it all next year? Post in the comments below. I might feature your arguments in my next rant about the NBA.
Peace ~HipsterC


  1. James had to team up to win the ones he hss

  2. I know. He couldn't get it done in Cleveland so he abandoned his city and teamed up with some all stars so he wouldn't have to work as hard.