Saturday, July 20, 2013

Top Five Cutest Things In Love Interests:

Top Five Cutest Things In Love Interests:

1. Awkward. It is. refreshing when the boy isn't  super smooth,  angsty, or a flirt. I like a guy who  stumbles on his words or geeks out everyone once in a while. Rather then the over -perfect  boys who wouldn't dare do something so uncool in a lot of Y.A novels. 

2. Heroic.  I tend to fall for the guys who really want to help  people, or make a difference. You know, the cliché  dashing knight who  willingly steps in front of an  arrow to save  a widow.  Someone who knows there's good in the world and  tries to make it even more so. It its annoying  though when the love interest is Over- Protective a not allowing the girl to try anything or do anything for herself. If she can't fight her own battles how will she ever grow ?

3.  Smart.   A love interest who reads classics or studies advanced math books  is really cute. You know the guy who can blurt out random facts at any given time.  It's a lot less cute when he is condescending about it. There is no reason to go  get a Sherlock sized ego Mr., Love Interest. Also do you have to keep telling the girl how stupid she, is all the time !  she already ahs low self confidence !

4.  Funny.  I know, I know this is an old one. But, book guys who make me laugh hold a closer place in my heart them Mr. Over-Serious Angry Face He-Man.  Also there is no need to be a complete goof all the time Love interest. A little humor goes a long way.

5.  Sad backstory.  ... Okay so I am a teen girl ! Even I  can fall for the clichés . Yes a boy with a sad backstory automatically has my pity and my heart just like a  puppy left on the side of the road.   Just no more  whole family's dead  for the sake of convenience.  Since having actual parents or at least ones who care  , is rare in middle grade or YA novels.
What do you find cute in Love Interests? Who do you think is the most crush-worthy guy I literature right now ?
                                                          Fare thee well: Milady !

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