Thursday, July 11, 2013

21 reasons why books matter in the 21st century

21 reasons why books matter in the 21st century

1. Books keep track of the views and issues of the different eras.

2. Books change opinions.

3. Books make you smarter for those who actually read.

4. Books make you look smarter for those who don’t read.

5.  Book distracts people from their problems.

6. Without books English class would just be grammar and spelling. Yuck.

7. Books made Hunger Games the movie.

8. Book made Harry Potter the movie.

9. Books made Lord of the Ring the movie.

10. Books made twi- never mind.

11. Books don’t rot your brain like video games and TV.

12. Books offer you a more in depth connection to characters

13.  Books allow you to travel to different places without spending money.

14.  Books make boring car rides less boring.

15. Books can be used as an excuse to get your little brother to be quit as in “Shhh Larry I'm reading!”

16. Books can be used to test how much off a princess you are.

17. Books that are heavy can make good weapon.

18. Books make researching a hell lot easier. Yay easy!

19. Books can be electronic now!

20. Books give library’s a point and librarians a job.

21. Books let friendless people  have fake but realistic friends.
 What are you favorite reasons ? Do you think books still mater? 

                      Fare thee well!  ~ Milady.

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