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30 quirks for side characters


30 quirks for side characters

Novel writing is difficult. We are expected to create a whole new world all by ourselves. Sometimes we manage to amaze. Other times we draw a blank.  It’s okay to go for help. If you have that one Mary Sue or Gary Stue that you can’t find a way to make interesting you now have no need to worry. I got you covered. (This post is best used for children/young adult novels)

  1. Gary is an aspiring magician with little talent.

  2. Mary collects socks.

  3. Gary speaks like a character from a Shakespearian play.

  4. Mary constantly chews bubble gum.

  5. Gary is terrified of dogs.

  6. Mary thinks she can see the future. Key word thinks.

  7. Gray after the loss of his father hasn’t spoken for months. He is just now opening up.

  8. Mary collects bird feathers.

  9. Gary will do anything for chocolate.

  10. Mary is an incurable flirt. 

  11. Gray is a ditzy day dreamer who never remembers anything people say.

  12. Mary although untalented desires to be a singer.

  13. Gary wants to know everything about anything and is always carrying around a book.

  14. Mary is terrified of needles but is a doctor.

  15. Gary desire money, and yet doesn’t want a job. Instead he begs on the street.

   16. Mary is actually homeless.

   17. Gary is from Japan and is confused with our culture.

   18. Mary secretly larps.

   19. Gary thinks he is always righty but is actually always wrong.

   20.  Mary talks in third person.

   21. Gary just came back from a war and gets frightened over loud noises.

                22. Mary sews all her own cloths.

                23.  Gray is obsessed with squirrels.

                24.  Mary pretends to come from money but is really poor.

                25. Gary although uncoordinated plans to be an fbi agent.

                26. Mary talks to everyone like they are children.

                27. Gary is secretly afraid of the M.C

  28. Mary is a descendent of Abraham Lincoln and wishes to be a president someday.

  29. Gary constantly brags.

  30. Mary never stops texting. Ever.

What’s your favorite quirk? What is the most developed character you ever made? Mine was a crippled boy training to be a hero.  Do you have any great quirks that belong on this list?

                                                                     Fare thee well ~ Milady


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