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Artesans of Albia !!!

Hey! Milady here, with an exciting and thrilling  post... my first blog tour! I am honored to be part of the Artisans of Albia tour celebrating the release of the first trilogy which I definitely recommend for you to read. Cas Peace’s novels are exciting, filled with battles ,romance, and  a lot of world building.   It has an old fashioned fantasy feel  about  it, reminiscent   to some of the classics, and strong heroic female characters. This series is a must have for fans of Tamera Pierce or Lord of the Rings.

I have a synopsis of the series for you to read right here  and the youtube trailer for the trilogy.

                        Here is the YouTube link to the new Trilogy trailer:



Series Synopsis.

 On a foolhardy foray into a foreign realm, Taran Elijah is attacked by a terrible weapon known as the Staff. Killing its wielder, he escapes into Albia, inadvertantly carrying the Staff.

Concerned by the vicious raids that follow Taran's actions, Major Sullyan of the High King's forces crosses into Andaryon to seek diplomatic resolution to the crisis. She is captured and tortured by Lord Rykan, aspirant to the Andaryon throne.

Slowly dying, Sullyan escapes his clutches. She offers her skills to the Hierarch in defense of his throne, finally confronting Rykan on the field of battle.

Her handsome Captain and lover, Robin Tamsen, embarks on a desperate quest to recover the Staff. But Rykan's greedy General, Sonten, is two steps ahead of him. If Robin cannot lay hold of the weapon before Sonten does, Sullyan's life and the lives of all Artesans are forfeit.

The race for the Staff has begun.

Also I have been lucky enough  to get a character interview  which I am excited to show you ! I am here now introducing Miss Rienne Arlen!

Q: So Rienne, you are a healer. Was that something you always wanted to be?


A:         I suppose so. I can't really remember ever thinking about being anything else. You see, I am my parents' youngest child, and I have five older brothers. Five boys who were all more boisterous, more confident, more capable than I was. I'm not saying I was neglected, not at all, but my brothers always seemed to get the best of everything. Don't get me wrong, I love them, every one, but they were a bit overpowering!

            Because of that, I was often left to my own devices. There was a lovely old lady in our village who was our healer. She was always very kind to me. I think she tried to make up for what she thought I missed out on. She often took me around the village with her when she saw her patients, and I suppose I naturally soaked up the things she did and said. I seemed to have an instinct for it. When I was old enough, she started letting me help prepare the milder medicines and ointments, and I found I loved mixing potions and gathering herbs. I simply seemed to know what herbs and medicines would cure specific ailments. It all grew from there, I suppose.

Q:Did you have to train anywhere else before becoming a fully-fledged healer?



Not really. There are no schools for healers in Albia. Oh, I suppose there might be one in the capitol, Port Loxton; I expect our High King has a very skilled healer. But there are no teachers for village healers, only those already doing that job. Who better to train you than someone who has such a wealth of experience?



But you didn't stay in your village to take over from that old lady, did you? What made you leave?



Once I felt enough confidence in my healing abilities, I wanted to push myself. I knew there must be greater healing challenges out there than the minor ailments, injuries and diseases I'd seen at home. And we didn't really have enough work for more than one healer - except during harvest, of course! But by this time I didn't want to be just a harvest time healer.  Also, I knew something of the other towns and villages in Loxton Province, and I wanted to see them. Healers are almost always welcome, so I knew I could make some kind of living while I was searching for somewhere to settle.



Wasn't it dangerous, traveling alone like that?



Not really. Albia is quite peaceful, except for the odd band of raiders, or outlanders from another realm. Our High King, Elias, shook up all the garrisons in Loxton Province after the civil war, and his Kingsmen are very skilled swordsmen. They might be a bit rough and ready, but they know how to keep the peace! I wasn't worried about being attacked.



So how did you meet Cal, your life mate?



He's cute, isn't he? Have you ever seen such long eyelashes? Many a maid has wished she had lashes like his! Oh, sorry - I got a bit sidetracked there!

            I met Cal the first time I arrived in Hyecombe village. I hadn't actually meant to stop in Hyecombe, but I was thirsty and they had an inn. I stopped for some lunch and a drink, and as I was sitting outside in the sun, this gorgeous, dark-skinned lad with wonderful eyes came over. He was quite shy at first, like me, but we got talking very quickly. He told me about his early childhood. His parents were appalled to find that their young son had the Artesan gift - some people are frightened of the gifted, you know - and they more or less abandoned him. He started thieving, and eventually fell in with a band of Roamerlings.  You know what they're like - they do love to steal, and Cal fit right in. Then, one winter a few years later, when his adoptive band came to Albia to escape Endormir's terrible weather, they came here, to Hyecombe. A man called Taran, who was also an Artesan, recognized a kindred spirit in Cal and offered him a home. When I met him, I liked him at once, and when Cal asked me to stay and be Hyecombe's healer, Taran took me in, too. And there we are!



And now you are the personal healer to Major Sullyan. What's that like?



It's amazing. Sullyan, and the Manor, have given me everything I could have wished for. I always knew I had an instinctive gift for healing, but I never imagined it was akin to the Artesan gift. I'm empathic, apparently, which is why I often know exactly how to treat diseases. And because I have this incredible bond with Sullyan, I often know what ails her before she knows it herself. Me and Cal have found a forever home at the Manor - I can't imagine ever leaving. I hope I never have to!

I hope so to! Thanks for bring here today Miss Rienne Arlen!


Cas Peace was born in Hampshire UK, in 1957, and has lived there most of her life. Her first career was as a horse-riding instructor, and horses remain very close to her heart. She then spent 13 years working for the British Civil Service before leaving the UK to live in Italy for three years, 1991-1994. She speaks passable but by no means perfect Italian, and loves to return to Italy whenever she can.

 Cas's other great loves are anything to do with animals, especially dogs and horses, (she supports many animal charities) and also singing. Cas loves folk songs and along with her husband, who plays guitar, has performed in many a Southern England folk club. Sometimes they even asked her back! She writes folk songs to accompany her fantasy novels, and offers them as free downloads from her website.



Also here is the link for a rafflecopter giveaway.! Please enter to win these amazing books till December 18,tomorrow!

Well I did it, my  first blog tour. Bear with me for I am sure there are some mistakes. Still it’s been exciting and a real joy to feature the Artesans of Albia trilogy.  Please leave a comment to the author Cas Peace !

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Top 5 Running Backs

Hey guys! HipsterC here bringing you another NFL top 5. This time, I'll be revealing the top 5 running backs in the NFL. Now this isn't only based on recent performances. I'll be taking into account their entire body of work. So if you are looking for someone who is doing good this season but hasn't done anything in any previous seasons, he won't be making this top 5. But without further adieu, here's the top 5. 1. Adrian Peterson. 2. Marshawn Lynch. 3. Arian Foster, 4. Jamal Charles, 5. LeSean McCoy. There you have it. The top 5 running backs in the NFL. Why? I feel that these are the 5 running backs that are a risk for 100-200 yards rushing on any given night. They just have the talent, and in the case of Marshawn Lynch, the pure strength. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you like what you read or feel someone else should have made the list, drop a comment and maybe, just maybe, I'll put them in.
Peace~ HipsterC 

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Introducing NFL Top 5's

Hey guys. I am starting a new series of posts related to NFL Top 5's. Positional top 5's, Overall Team Top 5's, defensive top 5's, and offensive top 5's. Everything that important that can be narrowed down to the best 5 in the league. I will be blessing you with unsurpassed knowledge of everything NFL. For those of you who aren't all about the NFL and are just passing time until the NBA season starts, come back in a month or so for consistent coverage of everything NBA. I'm a die hard sports fan. So I have to be up to date on all things NBA as well, perhaps even more so than the NFL. Anyway just an update post. Thanks for reading.
Peace~ HipsterC

Guess who ? ( Ultimate Smarty Pants challenge )

       " Go to Heaven for climate, Hell for company"

       "What a wee little part of a person's life are his acts and his words! His real life is lead in his head, and is known to none but himself."

        "I've never let school interfere with my education. "

        Okay, guys , Milady here is challenging you.  Are you smart enough ? Don't use google. Don't cheat. Do tell me ,who  wrote these quotes ?  first person to guess correctly will be announced on the blog a The Ultimate Smarty Pants of the week!


Regarding writers block...

                Hello, Milady here! Sorry for the long break. It’s ben pretty busy for me.  I have wanted to write for a long time too.  But honestly I have been hit with a real bad case of…
Writers block.  
Yep. Every author or aspiring writer’s greatest fear, that dreaded curse and horror of the human mind, Writer’s block!  Even knowing that everyone goes through out doesn’t really help either.  Because, when you have the block it all just feels so desperate!
For those of you lucky enough to never have had this problem Writers block it is a horrible phase where no ideas will come or you just can’t get them out on pages .The worst part of writers block is how it makes you doubt yourself.
Writers block really plays with your emotions and mess with your mind. It empowers that little negative whiny voice inside of you that hisses things like “You don’t have a enough talent “or “Why even try?”   The less your able to write the worse you feel. You start thinking that maybe that writing wasn’t really meant for you and that all your past successes where jut floozies.
                It’s pretty tough. Sometimes it gets so bad you want to quit. But, you should never do that! Don’ let the Block win! Because although it seems like all your talent and creativity completely vanished it really has not! It just went on vacation and left you behind! Here are some tips to bring inspiration back home early.

                1.  Take a break.  
I know, I know!  I make no sense! First I tell you not to quit and then I am asking you to take break?  The truth is sometimes your brain just needs rest. You can’t force ideas or words to come. Take a shower, or go for a bike ride! Not only will you get relax but sometimes that inspiration you needed will come!

2. Brainstorm!
         Oaky so let’s pretend you are writing a novel about a 13 year old named Alec who suddenly becomes king.  At first you just have the best ideas!  Alec’s advisors would try to kill him and the poor boy would have to beg for help form his guards who just got their payroll cut! Right after that a foreign princess would steal his Alec’s heart away while secretly planning to start a war!   
Pages and pages start piling up! You’re amazed at how you’re managing the plot. Then suddenly you realize you have no idea what to do now. Alec is locked in his own dungeon while the love of his life his pointing a sword to his chest and, you just don’t know what to do next. The guard you planned to save him died three pages earlier!  No ideas will come and nothing will work!
Instead of giving up and destroying a vase or two. Take a breather, use tip number 1 and then get in some major brainstorming time.  Maybe the idea will just come if you give it some time and thought!

3. 2. Reread
 So the brainstorming didn’t work? You have no new ideas or characters and Alec is still locked up in the dungeon with a sword pointe to his chest.  
Now the best thing to do is reread everything you wrote. I don’t care if it’s 80 page long or   three paragraphs. Often the solution lies in your work. Maybe the whole issue has an easy fix.  Maybe you realized that that the princess is actually in love with Alec too and couldn’t possibly go through with her plan!

4.  Follow tips 1 and 2 gain
Or not!   Alec is still I that stupid old dungeon and rereading didn’t help find a solution at all. As there is no way in h-e- double hockey sticks, that the princess would like Alec.  Actually there’s no reason at all anyone would like Alec! You never realized what a brat he was before! Even though you’re not sure how to get Alec out of the dungeon you figured out why he is in there. Use that!   You now understand your characters better now.  Use tips 1 and 2 again with your new found knowledge. The answer is probably right under your nose.

5.  Change things around
         Maybe that’s not the issue. You already figured out how to save Alec days ago but it just seems so boring.  The whole story seems dull now! You really aren’t getting any joy writing Alec out of the dungeon and you actually kind of want to keep hi in there. You hate the whiney little brat and you hate the storyline too. It just got old really quick! 

First don’t give up. You loved this idea at one point and probably will again if you stick with it. You just need to change something around or add a new character to make things attesting.    Writing should be fun. Find a way to make it so again. Eva en if means doing something drastic.  If you hate Alec so much let the foreign princess kill him and take over the storyline.  Maybe that’s the way it was meant to be all along.

6.  Keep WRITING!
 Most importantly no matter what, keep writing!  Even if it’s only 10 words a day. Writing is what really destroys writer’s block; the other tips just help make it easier to get going.   At first it’s going to be really hard and you will think everything you written I s crud. Hey it might even be crud! But, if you keep going and keep trying eventually you’ll beat the writer’s block and have a short story or novel or even blog post to be proud of.
Trust me that feeling of success is worth the time of despair! So don't give up! You can beat it ! I just did.
 I hope you found my tips useful!    Let me know in the comments how you beat writers block!

Fare thee well ~Milady


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Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks

Hey guys! HipsterC back to bring you another post about the NFL. The topic today, the best 5 QB's in the NFL. A lot of people debate over this, and I'm here to settle the argument once and for all. Yup, me. I know a lot about football, the NFL, and its players. I am more than qualified to settle this highly debated topic. In fact, if there were a doctorate in NFL statistics and analysis, I'm pretty sure I'd be the first one to get one. I'm pretty good. So my top 5 quarterbacks would have to be: 1. Peyton Manning, 2. Tom Brady, 3. Drew Brees, 4. Aaron Rodgers, 5. Matt Ryan. There you have it. The best 5 quarterbacks our league has to offer. I know people will try to debate this list, but before you do, just know, you're wrong. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did, consider following this blog.

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NFL Rant

What's up guys? It's your boy HipsterC and its been a while hasn't it? Yes, I've finally regained access to the blog and I'm back to bring you more sports than ever. Are you ready? Well lets get started with the NFL. What the fudge is going on in the NFL? A lot has happened that nobody would have expected. For example after going 2-14 last season, the Kansas City Chiefs are 4-0. That's right! 4-0. They have already doubled their win total from last year. That's pretty impressive. Although they are doing better, I wouldn't get to far ahead of myself if I were a Chiefs fan. Those 4 victories came from 4 teams that didn't make the playoffs last year, and very likely, won't make the playoffs this year either. One of them was the 0-4 Jaguars. The NFL commissioner is attempting to move a franchise to London. What does this have to do with the Jaguars? They were the team the NFL proposed to move to London. Only problem, London doesn't want the Jaguars. That's got to sting if you're the Jags. Not even a city that has never had a NFL franchise wants you. Well, I wouldn't want them either. They're a pretty terrible team. In other NFL news, the Broncos have dashed out of the gate, leaving every opponent they've faced in the dust. Peyton Manning is having a career-year, and is already being considered the favorite as the 2013-14 MVP award. It would surprise no one. It's going to be difficult for any team to take them down. The only team I see beating them would be the Seahawks, in Seattle. Unfortunately, that matchup won't take place. Opposing conferences, and the Super Bowl won't be played in Seattle, so, I guess the Broncos have a pretty good chance of becoming just the second team in NFL history to ever go undefeated. Along with the 1972 Dolphins. Obviously, they're the team to beat this year. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I certainly enjoyed typing it. I will A-B-C ya later!

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Professional athlete salaries

Ok, I think it's rant time. It's been a while, but here we go. What is it with athletes demanding millions of dollars to play sports for a living? I mean seriously, Why wouldn't you be happy with getting paid to play. Millions of people play sports recreationally, and these  people have the audacity to demand millions of dollars to play a game. A FREAKING GAME!Calm your ass down you overpaid clown. If you aren't happy making 5 million dollars  a year to play basketball, which by the way is low for a good player, then you need to have your head examined. That's all for now.
Peace~ HipsterC

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Who will win the World Cup

Who will win the World Cup?  It's a difficult question to answer, but I'm going to do it. Most people would say Spain or Brazil. I however am going to say Germany. Simply because of their size, strength, and talent. Mesut Ozil will dominate the cup. I predict he will have at least 9 goals in the tournament. Along with the goal scoring of Ozil, Mario Gomez will also have a positive affect on the Tourney.   As if that won't be enough, Bastian Schweinsteiger will score at least 6 goals himself. You heard it here first.  Germany will win the World Cup in a final against Brazil. That is my prediction. If you have a different opinion let me know in the comments section.
Peace~ HipsterC

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Top Five Cutest Things In Love Interests:

Top Five Cutest Things In Love Interests:

1. Awkward. It is. refreshing when the boy isn't  super smooth,  angsty, or a flirt. I like a guy who  stumbles on his words or geeks out everyone once in a while. Rather then the over -perfect  boys who wouldn't dare do something so uncool in a lot of Y.A novels. 

2. Heroic.  I tend to fall for the guys who really want to help  people, or make a difference. You know, the cliché  dashing knight who  willingly steps in front of an  arrow to save  a widow.  Someone who knows there's good in the world and  tries to make it even more so. It its annoying  though when the love interest is Over- Protective a not allowing the girl to try anything or do anything for herself. If she can't fight her own battles how will she ever grow ?

3.  Smart.   A love interest who reads classics or studies advanced math books  is really cute. You know the guy who can blurt out random facts at any given time.  It's a lot less cute when he is condescending about it. There is no reason to go  get a Sherlock sized ego Mr., Love Interest. Also do you have to keep telling the girl how stupid she, is all the time !  she already ahs low self confidence !

4.  Funny.  I know, I know this is an old one. But, book guys who make me laugh hold a closer place in my heart them Mr. Over-Serious Angry Face He-Man.  Also there is no need to be a complete goof all the time Love interest. A little humor goes a long way.

5.  Sad backstory.  ... Okay so I am a teen girl ! Even I  can fall for the clichés . Yes a boy with a sad backstory automatically has my pity and my heart just like a  puppy left on the side of the road.   Just no more  whole family's dead  for the sake of convenience.  Since having actual parents or at least ones who care  , is rare in middle grade or YA novels.
What do you find cute in Love Interests? Who do you think is the most crush-worthy guy I literature right now ?
                                                          Fare thee well: Milady !

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Little women love triangle

                                                                  Warning spoilers ahead !

Honestly I never got love triangles.  It was always so obvious who would end up with whom.  Sorry but Bella and Jacob or Katniss and Gale was never going to happen.  Also love triangles just seem to distract from the main point of the plot. Unless the novel is actually classified as a romance I really don’t want two hundred of the three hundred pages to be about who Miss Mary Sue is kissing. Love triangles also seem to make fans of the series act like this…

Don’t believe me look up fan fiction. Yep, case closed. There is one love triangle though that I can’t actually hate. One that was so impactful, and so heart breaking  that it had girls of all ages in different centuries ,sobbing . The Jo/Laurie/ Bhaer (or Jo/laurie/Amy) love triangle.
           To truly understand why Bhear won , you need to know the author Louisa May Alcott's view point. The book we call “Little Woman” is actually Little Women and it’s sequel Good Wives combined.  The original Little Women cut off after Meg agreed to be married but before she actually was.  So at that point none of the pairings were permanent. This was kind of a bad choice in the fan’s opinion. nI Louisa May Alcott's own words...

 Jo’ should have remained a literary spinster but so many enthusiastic young ladies wrote to me clamorously demanding that she marry Laurie, or somebody, that I didn’t dare to refuse & out of perversity went & made a funny match for her. I expect vials of wrath to be poured out upon my head, but rather enjoy the prospect.” From the letters of Louisa may Alcott

So forth Jo and her odd match Professor Bhear fell in love while Laurie was stuck with Jo’s younger sister Amy. Making fans everywhere miserable. For this I’ll never be able to forgive Louisa May Alcott.  Jo and Laurie belonged together.

Laurie was the rich, mischievous, dashing boy next door who like Jo herself was out of place in crowds. The two of them even met hiding from society behind curtains at a party. They both were into art. Laurie wanted to be a musician while Jo dreamed of being an author.  Laurie was just as high spirited and adventures as Jo.  He would have been by her side to make life interesting, exciting.

Professor Bhear was older, wiser and much more of a mentor figure then a friend.  Bhear helped Jo become a better writer, and somehow won her love in the process. Bhear seemed to genuinely care for Jo, but was also dull and boring. Someone I could see Jo regretting marrying, in a few years. Jo was far to adventures for the old Professor!

It better fit Jo’s personality to pick Laurie.  She wanted excitement, adventure, live ! Her romance should have been passionate and thrilling ! 

Often I hear two arguments that justify Louisa May Alcott’s reasoning’s for picking Bhear.   Both actually said in  said in the book.  The first is, Jo and Laurie are too similar. They would bicker and fight like cats and dogs.  This is a vialed point, but I’d like to point out that there aren’t any perfect couples. Jo and Laurie may be similar but that helps them connect. They have the same feelings, temper and interests.  They understand each other in a way Bhear never could get Jo. I feel like Bhear’s older calmer personality contradicts far to much with Jo.

The other common reason people don’t think Jo and Laurie belong to together is just so utterly ridicules, it’s hard for me to type.  They say Jo is to different for Laurie. They think Laurie needs a nice pretty wife that is beloved by society and wouldn’t make the blunders Jo does. They think Jo’s scribbling and passion for writing would annoy Laurie.  

Laurie was never good at society either.   He never wanted to have to deal with money and business. His dream was to be a musician, an artist like his father. Unfortunately his grandfather would never let that happen.  So why would Laurie try to stop Jo from writing. He always encouraged her about it. Why would Laurie care about what society thought? When we met Laurie he was hiding form society. The only time Laurie started to care about his wealth and other’s opinions was after Jo rejected him. He was so distraught and depressed he pretty much became another person. Without Jo beside him Laurie didn’t have the strength to rebel. Laurie settled in to the life of a wealthy business man and toke Joe’s bratty and spoiled sister as his wife. He never achieved his dreams or goals.  Laurie’s future was actually pretty pathetic.

Jo later opens up a school for boys with Bhear were she plays Marmee to them all. Jo does also become an accomplished author. She lives peacefully, and seems happy. Although  now maternal, and loving Jo doesn’t have nearly as much spark of adventure in her.  

I sincerely wish it could have been otherwise, I wish the love triangle in Little Women would have ended like it first seemed to, with Jo and Laurie happy together. Sadly the author had another plan… still Little Woman Is one heck of a great book with  the best love triangle I ever read.  
What side are you on Laurie or Bhear ?
                                                                                             Fare thee well ~ Milady

Free Agency

So a lot of people complain about teams stockpiling assets to make blockbuster deals come free agency, but it is a sound strategy when you think about it. I'm targeting the NBA specifically on this one, as it is most prevalent in the NBA. The most recent examples I can think of would be the Rockets' signing of All-Star center Dwight Howard, which was a horrible move by the way, and the Warriors signing of Team USA player Andre Iguodala. Teams doing this is a great way to keep the league balanced. Somehow that doesn't happen though because you will always have teams that are richer than the other. For example the Heat have three All-Stars in their starting 5. Those being LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. That's how professional sports work these days. It's not which team is smarter, it's which team is richer. You buy the best team. Very rarely do you see a team win a championship with a group that developed over time with a roster that have been on the same team for a while. It just doesn't happen. Players don't want to stick around and wait for a team to develop. They want to go to a team that is already winning. That's why when free agency comes around and the contracts of star players expire, they jump ship and join a team that made the playoffs without that player. Free agency can make or break a team, it just depends how much money you have.
Peace ~ HipsterC

How to be a team basketball player.

A lot of people don't know this from watching the NBA, but it takes a full team effort to win a basketball game. I know this from experience, as I play varsity level basketball. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for your team. Whether it be having more practices to work on what needs to fixed, or just helping team members individually with something they're having trouble with. The biggest thing for me, is saying positive. If your team is behind, and your teammates start to give up, you have to pick them back up. If you don't keep a positive attitude during a game, it's pretty much impossible to win. You have to encourage your younger teammates to keep trying, even if your losing. No matter what happens, you have to take something from every game and get better. Whether it be turning the ball over less, or learning to make that extra pass to get a shot within the flow of the offense. As opposed to taking the first open shot you get, which are often forced or off balance. To be a great team player, you have to go all out on both sides of the court. You can't make a mistake on offense, and then jog back on defense. You have to try that much harder on defense if your offense isn't working the way you'd like it to. Find a way to leave your mark on the game. At the end of the day, if you can say you gave 100% for the team, your teammates will respect you. They will appreciate all of your hard work and it may even inspire them to work harder. A cohesive team beats a talented team 9 times out of 10. Just don't get upset with that one loss. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you become a better team player.
Peace ~HipsterC

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30 quirks for side characters


30 quirks for side characters

Novel writing is difficult. We are expected to create a whole new world all by ourselves. Sometimes we manage to amaze. Other times we draw a blank.  It’s okay to go for help. If you have that one Mary Sue or Gary Stue that you can’t find a way to make interesting you now have no need to worry. I got you covered. (This post is best used for children/young adult novels)

  1. Gary is an aspiring magician with little talent.

  2. Mary collects socks.

  3. Gary speaks like a character from a Shakespearian play.

  4. Mary constantly chews bubble gum.

  5. Gary is terrified of dogs.

  6. Mary thinks she can see the future. Key word thinks.

  7. Gray after the loss of his father hasn’t spoken for months. He is just now opening up.

  8. Mary collects bird feathers.

  9. Gary will do anything for chocolate.

  10. Mary is an incurable flirt. 

  11. Gray is a ditzy day dreamer who never remembers anything people say.

  12. Mary although untalented desires to be a singer.

  13. Gary wants to know everything about anything and is always carrying around a book.

  14. Mary is terrified of needles but is a doctor.

  15. Gary desire money, and yet doesn’t want a job. Instead he begs on the street.

   16. Mary is actually homeless.

   17. Gary is from Japan and is confused with our culture.

   18. Mary secretly larps.

   19. Gary thinks he is always righty but is actually always wrong.

   20.  Mary talks in third person.

   21. Gary just came back from a war and gets frightened over loud noises.

                22. Mary sews all her own cloths.

                23.  Gray is obsessed with squirrels.

                24.  Mary pretends to come from money but is really poor.

                25. Gary although uncoordinated plans to be an fbi agent.

                26. Mary talks to everyone like they are children.

                27. Gary is secretly afraid of the M.C

  28. Mary is a descendent of Abraham Lincoln and wishes to be a president someday.

  29. Gary constantly brags.

  30. Mary never stops texting. Ever.

What’s your favorite quirk? What is the most developed character you ever made? Mine was a crippled boy training to be a hero.  Do you have any great quirks that belong on this list?

                                                                     Fare thee well ~ Milady


Tim Lincecum throws first career no-hitter.

Something happened today at PetCo Park in San Diego tonight. Something special. Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants threw his first career no-hitter. With Giants and Padres fans on his side in the late innings, Timmy coasted his way to his no-hitter on a fly-ball to left field. Of course this would not have been possible without a few key plays from his defense.  Not to discredit his impressive performance. Timmy has won two World Series', and has finally separates himself as one of the few to actually accomplish this. It's not as great as a perfect game, but it is still quite an accomplishment. Not many pitchers can say they pitched a no-hitter. Now he can. In addition to the no hitter, he also recorded a season high 14 strikeouts. As well as a career high 148 pitches. This game may be just enough to kick the 2-time Cy Young award winner out of his slump. The 9-0 victory proved how dominant Lincecum can be when he's at the top of his game. Let's just hope for the Giants' sake this extraordinary play continues.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

I love Pokémon, but one thing really ticks me of... Genwunners. They say things like, "I hate new poke they are so unoriginal." How is a Magikarp original. I mean I think cotton candy and ice cream make more sense then a pile of sludge(Muk). I think we can all agree on one thing...
Genwunners suck. ~PikaHaru

This is why I don't trust buying things online... ~PikaHaru

Don’t hate me but I hate Divergent

Don’t hate me but I hate Divergent  
        Divergent by Veronica Ruth is certainly getting attention these days. It’s being hailed as the next Hunger Games. It has a movie coming out in 2014 with such talents as golden globe nominated Shailene Woodley. (See picture below)

It has 123,820 five star reviews on good read. It seems like everyone loves Divergent. Everyone but me.  
         Divergent is set in a dystopian society where every sixteen year old is divided in to a different fraction based on virtues. The fractions are Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent).  

          The main character Tris comes from Anegation but has a hard time conforming to their selfless and giving life style.  She finds herself drawn to the reckless, train hopping, and black wearing Dauntless. She feels as if she has to stay with her family though.  Tris knows it would devastate her parents if she left them.

The beginning is really interesting I loved Tris’s character.  She came from an Amish-like background. I found it funny watching her unfittingly bow her head down to the ground and forgot to give up bus seats. You could really see her internal struggle. She doesn’t belong in abnegation, but if she left she would ruin her family ties.  

Tris then takes the quiz that is supposed to tell her what fraction to join. Tris hallucinates all these different scenarios and the choices she makes affects the outcome of the quiz. Unfortunately Tris is a special snowflake ( which means the M.C is more special than the rest, shocker!) a divergent who could go into multiple fractions. Being a divergent is also very dangerous, so Trish must tell no one.  More confused than ever as she could be both Dauntless or Abnegation, Tris follows her heart  and ....joins Dauntless.  Sadly Dauntless is hard to get in to . Only half of the people trying to join  will.  If Tris fails she will end up  becoming fractionless ( a hobo). Tris has to learn to fight and win battles, overcome her fears and deal with "hot" mean love interests teachers like Four.  She also makes new friends in Will, Christina, and Albert.
           The middle of the book was really great it. It held a lot of plot .It was interesting seeing Tris struggle to be good at fighting. Most M.Cs are naturally gifted so I enjoyed watching her learn. Tris also shows how recklessly and stupidly brave she is in the section, the girl is willing to have daggers thrown at her head and jump off buildings for goodness sake.

   Tris’s friends were despicable.  Trish was their favorite person when she was weak. They all loved to pet her on the head and introduce her to hamburgers. They didn’t like Tris so much when she was competition. As soon as she got good Albert betrayed her and Christina and Will got all jealous and bratty. Personally I found the bit character Uriah a lot better friend. He was cool with Tris when she was a loser and when she was scoring the metaphorical winning goal. Uriah …


Thanks to Tris’s special divergent powers, she was really good at the fear controlling portion of the tests she has to take to join Dauntless. After working really hard, almost dying, and being special Tris places first in the tests and gets to join dauntless. I love a good underdog tale So I was thrilled for her! She did it!  It was such a great book! This is the perfect  way to end it … wait what? There are a hundred pages left? How can that be? Tris did everything, already. What could be left?

 This is what made me hate divergent.  This is what  ruined what could have been a great novel. This is what should have waited to happen in the next book.  Thanks to the fact Veronica Ruth decided to squeeze in an insane twist in the last one hundred pages I will never be a fan of divergent. 
 Suddenly the day after Tris finally succeeds at her 400 paged goal the Erudite (smart guys) brainwash all the Dauntless to be their killing zombies and attack the Abnegation. Tris parents die protecting her sorta half way connecting the family again. Too bad their now dead. Tris then ends up fractionless anyways. After all the tests she did in Dauntless to prevent this from happening, Tris is  still a hobo.


The twist ruined the book. It tried to cram in three hundred pages worth of plot in the last one hundred pages. There was too much going on to make it look polished or professional.  It was all way to rushed.  In fact  it made the whole novel look stupid. You don’t change the main point of the book. The whole story was leading to see if Trish would get in to Dauntless.  Sure, there was weird stuff going on in the Erudite area but that just seemed like foreshadowing for the sequel. Yes, their were other fractions hating on Abnegation but it seemed like that was to give Four a backstory.  The mindless zombies attacking people thing just was  just peculiar.  It came up way to suddenly and made little sense. I’d really love to know, Veronica Ruth why make a great story but then have ruin it? How come the climax can't  fit in with the beginning or middle?

All in all I give divergent one top hat out of five

     What are your opinions on divergent? Are you a fan?  Did you like the ending?  What do you think I should review next?

Fare thee well ~Milady