Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free Agency

So a lot of people complain about teams stockpiling assets to make blockbuster deals come free agency, but it is a sound strategy when you think about it. I'm targeting the NBA specifically on this one, as it is most prevalent in the NBA. The most recent examples I can think of would be the Rockets' signing of All-Star center Dwight Howard, which was a horrible move by the way, and the Warriors signing of Team USA player Andre Iguodala. Teams doing this is a great way to keep the league balanced. Somehow that doesn't happen though because you will always have teams that are richer than the other. For example the Heat have three All-Stars in their starting 5. Those being LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. That's how professional sports work these days. It's not which team is smarter, it's which team is richer. You buy the best team. Very rarely do you see a team win a championship with a group that developed over time with a roster that have been on the same team for a while. It just doesn't happen. Players don't want to stick around and wait for a team to develop. They want to go to a team that is already winning. That's why when free agency comes around and the contracts of star players expire, they jump ship and join a team that made the playoffs without that player. Free agency can make or break a team, it just depends how much money you have.
Peace ~ HipsterC

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