Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Regarding writers block...

                Hello, Milady here! Sorry for the long break. It’s ben pretty busy for me.  I have wanted to write for a long time too.  But honestly I have been hit with a real bad case of…
Writers block.  
Yep. Every author or aspiring writer’s greatest fear, that dreaded curse and horror of the human mind, Writer’s block!  Even knowing that everyone goes through out doesn’t really help either.  Because, when you have the block it all just feels so desperate!
For those of you lucky enough to never have had this problem Writers block it is a horrible phase where no ideas will come or you just can’t get them out on pages .The worst part of writers block is how it makes you doubt yourself.
Writers block really plays with your emotions and mess with your mind. It empowers that little negative whiny voice inside of you that hisses things like “You don’t have a enough talent “or “Why even try?”   The less your able to write the worse you feel. You start thinking that maybe that writing wasn’t really meant for you and that all your past successes where jut floozies.
                It’s pretty tough. Sometimes it gets so bad you want to quit. But, you should never do that! Don’ let the Block win! Because although it seems like all your talent and creativity completely vanished it really has not! It just went on vacation and left you behind! Here are some tips to bring inspiration back home early.

                1.  Take a break.  
I know, I know!  I make no sense! First I tell you not to quit and then I am asking you to take break?  The truth is sometimes your brain just needs rest. You can’t force ideas or words to come. Take a shower, or go for a bike ride! Not only will you get relax but sometimes that inspiration you needed will come!

2. Brainstorm!
         Oaky so let’s pretend you are writing a novel about a 13 year old named Alec who suddenly becomes king.  At first you just have the best ideas!  Alec’s advisors would try to kill him and the poor boy would have to beg for help form his guards who just got their payroll cut! Right after that a foreign princess would steal his Alec’s heart away while secretly planning to start a war!   
Pages and pages start piling up! You’re amazed at how you’re managing the plot. Then suddenly you realize you have no idea what to do now. Alec is locked in his own dungeon while the love of his life his pointing a sword to his chest and, you just don’t know what to do next. The guard you planned to save him died three pages earlier!  No ideas will come and nothing will work!
Instead of giving up and destroying a vase or two. Take a breather, use tip number 1 and then get in some major brainstorming time.  Maybe the idea will just come if you give it some time and thought!

3. 2. Reread
 So the brainstorming didn’t work? You have no new ideas or characters and Alec is still locked up in the dungeon with a sword pointe to his chest.  
Now the best thing to do is reread everything you wrote. I don’t care if it’s 80 page long or   three paragraphs. Often the solution lies in your work. Maybe the whole issue has an easy fix.  Maybe you realized that that the princess is actually in love with Alec too and couldn’t possibly go through with her plan!

4.  Follow tips 1 and 2 gain
Or not!   Alec is still I that stupid old dungeon and rereading didn’t help find a solution at all. As there is no way in h-e- double hockey sticks, that the princess would like Alec.  Actually there’s no reason at all anyone would like Alec! You never realized what a brat he was before! Even though you’re not sure how to get Alec out of the dungeon you figured out why he is in there. Use that!   You now understand your characters better now.  Use tips 1 and 2 again with your new found knowledge. The answer is probably right under your nose.

5.  Change things around
         Maybe that’s not the issue. You already figured out how to save Alec days ago but it just seems so boring.  The whole story seems dull now! You really aren’t getting any joy writing Alec out of the dungeon and you actually kind of want to keep hi in there. You hate the whiney little brat and you hate the storyline too. It just got old really quick! 

First don’t give up. You loved this idea at one point and probably will again if you stick with it. You just need to change something around or add a new character to make things attesting.    Writing should be fun. Find a way to make it so again. Eva en if means doing something drastic.  If you hate Alec so much let the foreign princess kill him and take over the storyline.  Maybe that’s the way it was meant to be all along.

6.  Keep WRITING!
 Most importantly no matter what, keep writing!  Even if it’s only 10 words a day. Writing is what really destroys writer’s block; the other tips just help make it easier to get going.   At first it’s going to be really hard and you will think everything you written I s crud. Hey it might even be crud! But, if you keep going and keep trying eventually you’ll beat the writer’s block and have a short story or novel or even blog post to be proud of.
Trust me that feeling of success is worth the time of despair! So don't give up! You can beat it ! I just did.
 I hope you found my tips useful!    Let me know in the comments how you beat writers block!

Fare thee well ~Milady



  1. Wow Milady!! You are so right, these tips for writers block can certainly be used in everything that we are striving for......like singing, or practicing a musical instrument, even doing homework! Just like you said, "take a break, brainstorm, redo and keep at it!!! So glad you beat your writers block, now on to another great story from you!!!

  2. Thank you, I am glad you liked my tips - Milady!